Envoy is bringing global trade into the digital age.  Using the R3 Corda network, the Envoy platform reduces the massive inefficiencies that strangle global trade, and injects essential and vital funding.

The company also helps to connect buyers and sellers while improving governance and transparency for all participants.

Through hyper-fast validation of transactions between entities that have been through full Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Client protocols, Envoy delivers instant trust.



The world as we know it revolves around trade finance.

Trade finance permeates nearly every aspect of the products we use, from raw materials production, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, distribution, shipping, wholesale, and retail/resale.


Envoy is a much needed solution for all stakeholders, including existing finance providers.





Our multi-layered solution is expressly designed to provide a much-needed boost to a system that has been starved of profound technological innovation. It achieves this by harnessing the perfect capability of blockchain technologies to automate many of the core workflows of global trade and its financing.

Envoy delivers transparency, certainty, efficiency and funding. As a result, institutional investors can now use Envoy to originate and profile investments more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.  This allows them to access attractive, asset backed returns while creating vital liquidity for SMEs in particular.

Envoy delivers the benefits of an automated, efficient solution that is proven to enable secure connection to a range of support services. This gives SMEs access to hundreds of banks and other financial institutions that will allow them to manage trade and originate asset-backed trade finance opportunities, securing finance for their business using equally robust and secure facilities.

Why Blockchain

Partner API for end to end supply chain

Anti-fraud protection, KYC, and validation

Credit risk scoring and data analysis

Low cost and fast cross-border payments

Digital LC, BoL, and other documents

Permissioned private ledger

IoT 3PL (logistics)

Immutable records with full audit trail

Trillion $ Global merchandise imports

Trillion $ external finance required

Trillion $ funding gap


To make trade as frictionless as possible, Envoy has introduced its trading token NVOY. Available for fiat exchange on regulated digital asset exchange Liquid, NVOY makes the international process even easier while removing foreign exchange costs and uncertainty.

 The NVOY token is built on the Stellar blockchain, which has been adopted by many blue-chip companies for its speed, security and low-cost, eg, IBM’s World Wire. Stellar is designed for and ideally suited to cross-border payments. By adopting both the Corda and Stellar technologies, Envoy has built an optimised solution that creates further trust through what is, in essence, a double entry methodology.



Envoy Stitch

Envoy integrates seamlessly in to legacy ERP, CRM and finance systems via an ultra-flexible API solution to allow fast and painless interaction. It ensures that all participants can quickly and simply migrate to Envoy and share all relevant information across all of their systems.


Envoy Marketplace

Finding customers and suppliers is the bedrock of trade. The Envoy solution is designed to make it simple to connect not just these counterparties, but all of the supporting services of international trade, safe in the knowledge that they have been verified and have the funding in place to complete a trade.

Envoy Payments

Envoy will launch the NVOY Stellar based tokenised payment solution to support frictionless and zero cost payment of cross border trades. It is designed to send instant, cross currency and fully trustworthy payments. This payment service makes it simple for global trade allowing banks, finance houses and investors to inject liquidity in to trade flows and maximise their cash flow and ROI. It is based on full smart contracts in order to automate as much of the trade process as possible and to provide trust. This layer also builds counter-party trust through its rigorous Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks.

Envoy Flow

Envoy tackles the inefficiencies of paper-based documentation. Its Distributed Ledger Technology based smart records are immutable and trustworthy as they are only created when triggered by a smart contract. Significant time and cost savings are achieved through customs clearance, lower time in warehouse, and automatically verified records. This also creates ultra-strong transparency and governance as every entity involved in a transaction can see exactly who else is too and how the trade is progressing.

Envoy is better way of facilitating trade in the digital age.


Build Core Team

October 1, 2018


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Build Envoy supply chain suite for trade finance solution

February 12, 2019

API Solution

August 1, 2019

Build Envoy Catalyst API Solution

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R3 / Corda

December 1, 2019

R3 / Corda

Partner R3 Enterprise

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Onboard 3P supply chain partners

January 15, 2020

Latam Commodities Trade Partners

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Complete stellar anchor payment rail

January 29, 2020

Tokenised Payment Solution

February 2, 2020

Build Corda Settlr/Stellar Tokenised Payment Solution

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Onboard liquidity providers

February 26, 2020

Envoy teams up with Pole Star to offer vessel screening and tracking solution

March 4, 2020

Envoy teams up with Pole Star to offer vessel screening and tracking solution

The company is truly digitising an archaic, paper-based system to manage risk and fraud for its customers 4th March 2020:  Today, Envoy Group announces that…

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Launch on exchange for B2B liquidity

March 17, 2020

Envoy teams up with KYC Hub

March 23, 2020

Envoy teams up with KYC Hub

The partnership will automate compliance and manage operational risk forEnvoy’s clients

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Partner with eBL solution provider

April 1, 2020

Partner with TradeSun

April 22, 2020

Complete $13m funding round with ADV

July 1, 2020

Complete $13m funding round with ADV

Blockchain-based supply chain and trade finance startup Envoy Group is looking to expand beyond Latin America after securing a $13 million investment from Alcedo Digital…

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Complete Stellar Anchor Payment Solution

August 24, 2020

Launch on regulated public exchanges for B2B liquidity

August 31, 2020

Beta Testing on corda and stellar

October 21, 2020

Enigma Fund

October 29, 2020

Engage R3 Pilot Trial with banks and financiers

November 23, 2020

Stellar Solution Live

November 30, 2020

Envoy solution live

January 1, 2021


Envoy focuses on bringing best-in-class disruptive trade finance managers and blockchain experts to help develop a cutting edge marketplace platform.


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